Anatomy For Fitness Professionals

Mnemonics are recognized by many as the best way to learn and memorize almost any subject. They're used by bartenders to remember drink recipes, taught in elementary schools (remember the alphabet charts with A for Apple? That's a mnemonic!), and are favored amongst academics and professionals for teaching a wide array of subjects. Possibly one of the most celebrated uses of mnemonics is to teach human anatomy and physiology.

Contrary to what is commonly thought, text books and lectures are not the most effective way to learn and memorize anatomy. How many late nights have you spent trying to memorize information you've read? It all seems blurry by the next morning. That's because text books do not prompt an emotional response. In order to encode or create a memory, your mind relies on certain types of information that it can easily grasp. Mnemonics are designed to apply proven memorization cues to important information, such as human anatomy.

Instead of just explaining, here's a few examples of anatomy mnemonics at work:

- FEMoral hernias are more common in FEMales. The key to this easy mnemonic is remembering the correlation between the word Femoral and Females.
- To remember the adrenal cortex layers and products, repeat to yourself "Go Find Rex, Make Good Sex". Pretty easy to remember, isn't it? The answers lie in the first letter of every word.

- Layers: Glomerulosa, Fasiculata, Reticulata Respective.

- Products: Mineralcorticoids, Glucocorticoids, Sex hormones.
Because the latter example uses humor and a racy theme, your mind easily takes notice and encodes it to memory. That's why anatomy mnemonics are the easiest, fastest and best way to learn anatomy -they are easy to personally identify with.
When you've been examining diagrams, books and notes all day, it's difficult to go home and focus on more visual study. For this and many other reasons, most scholars now prefer to learn mnemonics through audio. You can learn mnemonics anywhere through this method, and give your eyes a rest while doing so. Many listen to mnemonics on their iPods before bed, or while traveling in their car.

The best anatomy mnemonics can be discovered in one easy place. On top of that you can access them in one convenient audio system.


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